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Company History and Mangement

Nutsongrat Co., Ltd. was formerly named Tonkeaw Associate Consultant Co., Ltd. founded in 2006. Currently the company is located at 36/86 Motorway Road, Kwaeng Klongsongtonnoon, Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520. The purpose of the company is to provide legal services, debt collection regarding litigation and legal execution and including investigation of personal information by focusing on promptness, standard quality as well as maintaining customers’ image and operation is not contrary to the law or morals of the people.

Through long-term experiences, the company has formulated the pattern of excellent customer services, so that the customers can get payments in a timely manner. Such the operation must be cooperated with debt collection, litigation and legal execution accordingly to the same direction. The company has established a team of experienced staff in each type of debts and the staff is responsible for each case directly

In addition, from the past experiences and vision of the company's executives, the service that coordinated the three parts; debt collection, litigation and legal execution could cause the problem of discontinuity in the operation of each section, because it is not known which stage has been done. The company has laid the foundations of internal management and set up a computer program as a database for coordination between debt collection, litigation and legal execution in order to support the operations and optimize the follow-up to satisfy the customers. The company strives to improve the quality of its work to step into the group of companies that have strength and stability

Attorneys and Legal Execution Staff

Tunsittha Lerthirunnoppakun

Criminal case.

Saiphon Laomala

Civil case

Wichest Juntacho

Tax & Business

Veerasak Poopool


Chatchanok Thavorn


Ketchanat Saengsut